Some users might be experiencing the issue that they have to type password twice on Windows 10 lock screen to sign in after a Windows 10 upgrade or Windows 10 update. After they type in the password into the lock screen for the first time, there will be a rotating circle, and then it will revert to the Windows 10 lock screen and ask for the password again. In this post, we will share how you can resolve this issue.

Fix Lock Screen prompts for password twice on Windows 10

This issue is triggered when you wake up the computer from sleep or restart the PC. If you’re faced with this issue, you can try the recommended solutions below.

1] Uninstall recently installed programs

Some system process optimization software or programs result in conflict in Windows 10 and cause the Windows 10 lock screen password issue. If you have installed such programs recently, disable or remove them to see if the problem still persists. Also, you can try Windows 10 clean boot to exclude the exact programs or services and fix this login failure issue.

2] Stop chsime.exe process

Here, you can try command line to avoid chsime.exe being created as a Background process in SYSTEM. If there are two ChsIME process, Windows 10 will be stuck in the lock screen and ask for password twice.

Here’e how to stop the chsime.exe process:

  • Launch Command Prompt in admin mode (click Start, then type cmd and simultaneously press CTRL + SHIFT + Enter key combo).
  • Copy and paste the command below into the Command Prompt window and hit Enter:

if exist “%SystemRoot%\System32\InputMethod\CHS\ChsIME.exe” ( TAKEOWN /F “%SystemRoot%\System32\InputMethod\CHS\ChsIME.exe” icacls “%SystemRoot%\System32\InputMethod\CHS\ChsIME.exe” /deny “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:RX”)

Now wake up your computer again by typing your password on the Windows lock screen and see if the issue has been resolved.

3] Reinstall graphics drivers

Your graphics drivers can also cause the Windows 10 lock screen password problem.

Some users reported that they have fixed the sign-in password issue via reinstalling the Intel HD graphics driver or other display drivers.

4] Disable the sign-in password

In this case, you can modify the Require Sign-in in Settings and disable sign-in password on lock screen when waking up the computer. Here’s how:

  • Press Windows key + I to launch Settings.
  • Choose Accounts.
  • Select Sign-in options from the left pane.
  • On the right pane, scroll down to Require Sign-in section
  • Select the Never option from the drop-down menu.

You can now exit the Settings page. The Windows 10 lock screen won’t ask for password any more whenever you wake up your computer.

Hope this helps!